The Little Chihuahua Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Proceeds will benefit Alamo Square’s Mural Restoration Project and more!

The Little Chihuahua, a unique taqueria focusing on sustainability and good, wholesome Mexican food, will be ringing in the 10th anniversary of its first location on Divisadero on October 24th, 2017. Husband and wife owners, Andrew Johnstone and Camila Fernandez, decided to commend the occasion by donating 100% of its net sales from that day—yes that means all sales, before expenses—to the following local non-profits:

“Camila and I decided that the best way to celebrate,” said Andrew, “was give back to the neighborhood that has supported us so warmly throughout these ten years. Instead of doing a party we felt it would be better to give back to the community directly.” Johnstone and The Little Chihuahua team has seen the neighborhood transform dramatically over the past ten years and wants the benefits to reach the whole neighborhood, not just a select portion of it.

“We will be donating to the Alamo Square Neighborhood Association to support the restoration of the mosaic mural at Ida B. Wells High School,” said Camila (read more about this effort here).

The charitable event will be at The Little Chihuahua’s Divisadero location only, at 292 Divisadero Street, open 11 am to 11 pm. 100% of the net sales will be donated after the end of business on #TacoTuesday, October 24th 2017.
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