SFMTA Update 7/10/17

21-Hayes bus stop at Hayes and Pierce

The outbound bus stop at Hayes and Pierce has been temporarily relocated down the hill to Hayes and Scott streets intersection. The Contractor has constructed the outbound bus pad at Hayes and Pierce. However the outbound bus stop is still temporarily relocated at Hayes and Scott because the lanes have been shifted near Hayes and Pierce so that the Contractor can construct the bus pad on the south side of Hayes (inbound). The outbound bus stop will return to Hayes and Pierce in approximately 2 weeks.

Crosswalk at Hayes and Pierce

The Contractor is currently constructing the curb ramp on the north side of Hayes at Pierce. In approximately two weeks, the Contractor will construct the curb ramp on the south side of Hayes. Upon completion of both curb ramps, Public Works will direct to contractor to install temporary striping at the crosswalk. The permanent crosswalk striping will be installed by MTA’s paint shop once paving work is complete along Hayes Street.

Hayes at Fillmore trench work

Over the past three weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), the Contractor has been installing the sewer mains, sewer manholes, and culverts at the intersection of Hayes and Fillmore. Work was scheduled for the weekends because diesel bus substitution for the 21-Hayes and the 22-Fillmore could only be provided on the weekends by Muni. De-poling of electric buses was not an option due to the grade of both Hayes and Fillmore Streets. On Sunday, July 2, 2017, the Contractor worked beyond 6PM. The Contractor expected a delay of one hour but with the clean-up and demobilization the delay was 1 hour and 45 minutes. The time extension was granted in the field by the Inspector because the Contractor was installing the final culvert at this intersection. The current phase of work at the intersection has been completed.


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