SFMTA announces traffic circle removal

SFMTA has announced plans to remove the traffic circle at McAllister Street and Steiner, installed earlier this year as part of the 5-Fulton Rapid transit effectiveness program.

Due to the safety and noise concerns observed and documented by neighbors, the SFMTA will re-install stop signs and remove the traffic circle at McAllister/Steiner. The two-stop roundabout was not a typical design, and SFMTA has determined it was not the right design for this intersection.

The city heard from many neighbors and District 5 residents about the various issues caused by the configuration, including horn honking from right-of-way vehicles.  With neighborhood input, SFMTA has concluded that topography and traffic volume contribute to the traffic circle’s lack of effectiveness.  Neighbors noted an increase in and persistent use of horn honking, which SFMTA confirmed, and pedestrians reported frequent near-misses.

Stop signs will be re-installed on McAllister on the week of August 13th, 2018, and the traffic circle will be scheduled for removal.

Thank you to all of our neighbors who provided input to the SFMTA!

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  1. Max
    Max says:

    I’ve observed and participated as a bicyclist my only concern was the amount of space the circle consumed in suck a small intersection I totally get it the circle which I assimilate to a stint placed in an a failing artery which helps with the flow unfortunately there’s always going to be those morons who are always late for wherever there going .who find something new that could benefit the bigger picture as a problem from the thoughtless bubble they hide in until something that they can’t or won’t understand is a stress in their already self imposed stressful life and they are always going to be selfish I and never satisfied with whatever they try to achieve even the thought of reading a stop sign hurts thier brain I see a lot of these handicapped people every with that looks as it’s going to explode in traffic on there way back to the South Bay east bay spitting and spewing the whole way home with triple digit salary and I ask myself is it really worth it to spend that much time of your life in traffic creating a contagious stressful vibration everywhere around you

  2. John Morse
    John Morse says:

    Fantastic news! Thanks too all who helped let SFMTA know this was a round death trap! Glad it’s going away before a horrible accident occurred there. Let’s hope it remains a 4 way Stop sign intersection, like so many in the city. The RUSH IN Roulette Intersection died before a driver, biker, or pedestrian did!
    Mission accomplish.


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