New Fountain for Alamo Square

Late last year, SF Rec and Park alerted the Alamo Square Neighborhood Association that the old-style drinking fountain at Alamo Square near Hayes and Pierce had been removed due to damage to the concrete foundation.
This fountain had given Rec and Park years of problems partly due to its design, the amount of usage it gets daily and partly due to the substandard drainage system that was originally installed.  A replacement water fountain has now been installed at the top of Alamo Square Park.  It is an updated model of the previous water fountain, with some new features.
The button to add water to the dog bowl is not near that bowl, but instead is attached to the middle bowl.  While it may take a few minutes to locate, it requires no stooping.  In addition, the drain holes for the dog bowl are quite small, which let the basin fill up for dogs to drink, while keeping sediment from clogging the pipe.
Enjoy the new water fountain!
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