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Movie Night: Recap

Movie night 2019 was a big success and delighted people of all ages. The crowds were not as large as last year’s event but this was most likely due to opposing events happening on the same night as well as a surge of interest immediately following the passing of Robin Williams. The SF Parks Alliance made several key improvements over last year’s event which significantly stepped up the viewing experience for the crowd including a much larger screen, and stronger audio output for the viewers in the back.
 Our key takeaways and suggestions for 2020:
  1. We will request movie night be moved to September/October to allow for warmer weather and an earlier start time.
  2. Increased ADA access and pass through aisles for community members who need it.
  3. An ASNA section for supporting members of ASNA.
Thank you to everyone who came out to support this wonderful community event!
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