Emporium SF / Harding Theater Update

The restoration work of the front of the building is now in full progress.  Exterior painting should start after the front facade refinishing is complete.  The storefronts have been replaced and await final glazing.

The terrazzo paving in the sidewalk area is being upgraded. This work was unanticipated by Planning, as well as the owners and is a result of the SFDPW’s requirement that it meet ADA requirements for slope, which the existing terrazzo walk did not meet.  The end result will match the current terrazzo and pattern, in addition to meeting stricter slip-resistance requirements.

The interior work is moving along as well. A sprinkler system has been installed in the building, the electrical systems have been upgraded, and a new mechanical system was installed. The  restroom upgrades and expansion is also almost complete.  The tenant improvements for the Emporium SF are also underway with level floor areas in the auditorium and balcony. Danny and Doug Marks are hoping to open Emporium SF soon this summer.

Finally, the new building at 1282 Hayes (around the corner from but on the same parcel as the Harding Theater) has finished framing work with interior plumbing and mechanical work is underway.

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