Draft Tour Bus Study – Summary

Back in December 2011, the SFMTA prepared a Draft Tour Bus Study.  Here is a 2-page  Summary of the Study.   Please review it and provide input on the various solutions offered by SFMTA.  You can email Erinne.Morse@alamosq.org to submit your input.

Please read the whole summary before sending your comments.  Below are the solutions following the discussion in the Study.  You can find the whole Study here.

Possible Remedies to existing tour bus problems and how they could be implemented

  • City andCountyofSFcan enforce noise regulations, regulate where tour buses park, restrict commercial vehicles with nine or more seats from specific streets, and limit tour bus idling.
  • City andCountyofSFcannot regulate the number of tour buses that operate on a specific street.  Enforcement would be difficult as well.
  • City of SFcould restrict all commercial vehicles with 9+ seats from some or allAlamo Square area streets.  This would require public hearings and SFMTA legislation.  Environmental review would be needed to determine impacts.  Enforced by SFPD.
  • Noise volume generated by tour buses climbing steep hills might be addressed by restricting commercial vehicles with 9+ seats from certain steep streets.
  • Traffic delays caused by right-turning large buses.  Possible strategy is to restrict commercial vehicles with 9+ seats from streets that require these turns.
  • Amplified loudspeakers more than 50 feet away from vehicles are illegal under CVC Section 27007.  SFPD can enforce.  Some tour buses claim noise can be addressed by installing equipment that modulates the volume of loudspeakers based on ambient noise.  Another alternative is to require unenclosed tour buses to purchase headsets.
  • Possible solution for blocking traffic lane could be to designate curb parking space alongAlamo Squarepark for tour bus and van during daytime hours (9am-6pm).  This would allow tour buses to not block flow of traffic.  Potential impact on daytime parking supply, unless some existing Muni stops were eliminated or converted to tour bus use only.
  • Existing Muni bus stops could be reorganized to better coincide with STOP signs as part of such a proposal.
  • Without frequent parking enforcement, some tour buses may park in tour bus loading zone for an extended period, forcing other tour buses to double-park.
  • Tour buses could be discouraged from using Muni bus zones with increased parking enforcement.
  • Extending the length of the Muni bus zone on the north side of Hayes could make it easier for tour buses to reach theHayes Streetcurb, and allow space for a Muni bus to stop behind it.
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