DPW December 2017 Update

An update on DPW’s Hayes Street project.

Last week

The contractor shifted crews to Hayes Street. Staff began working on installing concrete bus pads along Hayes Street. The contractor began working at the Steiner, Fillmore and Webster intersections. The bus pad work required the contractor saw-cut and remove the existing roadway and street base at bus stops. Crews then began installing reinforced rebar pads in the pits in order to back-fill them with fresh concrete.

The contractor also continued curb ramp work on Hayes at the Steiner, Scott, and Clayton intersections.

This Week (December 4-9)

Crews are scheduled to pour the bus pads at the Hayes/Steiner, Hayes/Fillmore, and Hayes/Webster intersections. Unfortunately, once the concrete has been poured, the area will be off-limits to vehicle traffic for 10 days to ensure the concrete reaches the necessary strength. During bus pad construction, the work will necessitate we temporarily relocate the bus stops. You may see some nearby areas posted for “No Parking 24/7” as they serve as temporary bus stops.

*** Please Note: The construction schedule is subject to change due to rain, equipment breakdown, unforeseen field conditions, etc. Please see the posted “no parking” barricades for exact parking restrictions. Parking restrictions may vary per block. ***

Project website:  www.sfpublicworks.org/haighthayes


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