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DPW Work for Week of January 29, 2018

SFDPW Hayes and Haight Street work 

Week of January 29, 2018

  • Crews will pour the concrete bus pads at the Hayes/Gough and Hayes/Buchanan intersection. As a reminder, once the concrete has been poured, the area will remain off-limits to vehicle traffic for 10 days while the concrete cures.
  • The contractor will continue street base repairs on Hayes Street between Steiner and Webster streets. It’s anticipated that later in the week the contractor will begin saw-cutting street base between Webster and Buchanan streets.
  • Crews will also continue curb ramp work at the Hayes/Buchanan and Hayes/Laguna intersections.

Grinding and Paving Schedule

Public Works is scheduled to begin grinding and paving operations along Hayes Street between Central Avenue and Scott Street. While crews remove the existing asphalt from the roadway (grinding phase),driveway access will be available however minor delays should be expected if crews are working on your block. However, during the paving phase, driveway access may not be available for 1-2 hours. The contractor will need to apply a tack coat (liquid asphalt) to the roadway in advance of the hot asphalt in order to promote bonding between the street base and asphalt. Once the tack coat has set, crews will begin applying the hot asphalt to the road. Crews will need to ensure the hot asphalt cools-down before allowing traffic on to it. During this time, driveway access may not be possible. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please allow extra travel time during grinding and paving operations.

The grinding and paving schedule is as follows:

  • Clayton Street to Masonic Avenue: Grind on Monday 2/5/2018 and repave on Tuesday 2/6/2018
  • Masonic Avenue to Lyon Street: Grind on Wednesday 2/7/2018 and repave on Thursday 2/8/2018
  • Lyon Street to Broderick Street: Grind on Monday 2/12/2018 and repave on Tuesday 2/13/2018
  • Broderick Street to Scott Street: Grind on Wednesday 2/14/2018 and repave on Thursday 2/15/2018

*** Please note that once the paving work is complete on a block, crews may return a few days later to adjust sewer and water castings flush with the road. This phase of work may require the contractor jack-hammer, adjust, and pave around the newly adjusted casting. This phase of work is typical during paving operations. ***

Haight Street

The contractor has wrapped up most of the contractual work along Lower Haight. The work that remains under the current contract is sidewalk work at the northwest and southeast bus stops at both Divisadero/Haight and also Fillmore/Haight. The contractor will also need to complete any punch list work along Haight Street between Central and Laguna streets. We’ll provide more details once the remaining work is scheduled.

Please Note: The construction schedule is subject to change due to rain, equipment breakdown, unforeseen field conditions, etc. Please see the posted “no parking” barricades for exact parking restrictions. Parking restrictions may vary per block.

For information on the upcoming Upper Haight Transit Improvement and Pedestrian Realm Project, please visit www.sfpublicworks.org/upper-haight.

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D5 Construction Update – Meeting Thursday August 3, 2017


Supervisor Breed will be holding a community meeting on Thursday, August 3rd at 6:30 p.m. at 55 Fillmore Street (IBEW Meeting Hall). The departments responsible for the construction projects on Hayes and Haight streets will be in attendance (SF Public Works, SF Public Utility Commission, and SF Municipal Transportation Agency). We encourage you to come and voice your questions and concerns.


SFMTA Update 7/10/17

21-Hayes bus stop at Hayes and Pierce

The outbound bus stop at Hayes and Pierce has been temporarily relocated down the hill to Hayes and Scott streets intersection. The Contractor has constructed the outbound bus pad at Hayes and Pierce. However the outbound bus stop is still temporarily relocated at Hayes and Scott because the lanes have been shifted near Hayes and Pierce so that the Contractor can construct the bus pad on the south side of Hayes (inbound). The outbound bus stop will return to Hayes and Pierce in approximately 2 weeks.

Crosswalk at Hayes and Pierce

The Contractor is currently constructing the curb ramp on the north side of Hayes at Pierce. In approximately two weeks, the Contractor will construct the curb ramp on the south side of Hayes. Upon completion of both curb ramps, Public Works will direct to contractor to install temporary striping at the crosswalk. The permanent crosswalk striping will be installed by MTA’s paint shop once paving work is complete along Hayes Street.

Hayes at Fillmore trench work

Over the past three weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), the Contractor has been installing the sewer mains, sewer manholes, and culverts at the intersection of Hayes and Fillmore. Work was scheduled for the weekends because diesel bus substitution for the 21-Hayes and the 22-Fillmore could only be provided on the weekends by Muni. De-poling of electric buses was not an option due to the grade of both Hayes and Fillmore Streets. On Sunday, July 2, 2017, the Contractor worked beyond 6PM. The Contractor expected a delay of one hour but with the clean-up and demobilization the delay was 1 hour and 45 minutes. The time extension was granted in the field by the Inspector because the Contractor was installing the final culvert at this intersection. The current phase of work at the intersection has been completed.


Shared Electric Moped Parking Permit Proposal

Shared electric mopeds (e-mopeds) are one of San Francisco’s newest types of shared vehicle services. To regulate and facilitate this new transportation option for the benefit of the city, the SFMTA has worked with Scoot Networks, the city’s primary provider of shared e-mopeds, to better understand its needs and impacts.

In August 2015, the SFMTA launched a trial policy which allowed all e-mopeds to be parked in areas with residential parking permit (RPP) restrictions, limited to curb spaces that are eight feet wide or less.

After evaluating the trial, the SFMTA has proposed a parking permit program for shared e-mopeds, which is set to be considered for approval by the SFMTA Board of Directors on June 20.

You can learn more about the proposed e-moped permit program here:

Shared E-Moped Parking Permit proposal fact sheet

Everyone is welcome to attend the SFMTA Board meeting and comment on the permit proposal:

SFMTA Board of Directors regular meeting
June 20, 2017, 1:00 pm
City Hall, Room 400

Comments on the proposal can also be made via e-mail to all members of the SFMTA Board:


If the program is approved by the SFMTA Board, permits for shared e-mopeds would be issued starting this summer. The SFMTA will continue to evaluate the program’s effectiveness for any adjustments needed, including whether to keep the 8-foot curb space limit on parking shared e-mopeds in RPP areas.

More info from Scoot’s FAQ page:

Scoots can park in any legal parking space in San Francisco, but riders can only finish using their scoot at Scoot Spots (garages and other designated charging locations) and at the curb in residential areas in the northeastern half of San Francisco. These residential areas are Scoot Zones where you can park at curblets (curbs 8 ft or less) and non-metered motorcycle parking spaces. We are expanding our service area and charging network every month! Look for scoots in your neighborhood soon.



Wiggle under construction this summer

Construction on the Wiggle Neighborhood Green Corridor Project is beginning this summer! Construction will start with the traffic diverter at Fell and Scott, and will eventually include new curb ramps, pedestrian bulbouts, landscaping, raised crosswalks, and permeable paving along the Wiggle bicycle path.

Construction will occur between summer and winter 2017, Monday-Friday between 7 am and 4 pm. Weekend work is allowed, but not anticipated. 

Construction will begin at Fell and Scott, generally continue southeast along the Wiggle, and conclude at the intersection of Church and Duboce.



Ford GoBike bike share coming to the neighborhood

Bay Area Bike Share is expanding, funded by sponsor Ford Motor Company, and the system is being re-named Ford GoBike.  The seven-year agreement was announced in September 2016.

From 2017-2018, bike share in San Francisco will grow from 328 to 4,500 bicycles, thanks to the fiscal sponsorship.

In our neighborhood, many bike share stations are on the way. While some of the stations are proposed to be installed on the street along a designated bike route (in green in the map), the one at Steiner and Hayes was proposed to be off a bike route and installed on the sidewalk instead.

We have requested a review of this location, in the context of all the other stations in the neighborhood, to be presented at our upcoming June meeting by a representative of Ford GoBike.

Phase 2 station locations currently going through SFMTA approval

4-Phase expansion areas



Wiggle improvements coming soon

SFMTA has updated us about the plans for the Wiggle Bicycle Route improvement project.

The construction contract has been officially awarded, and SFMTA expects to give the notice-to-proceed to the construction contractor in mid-May.  Construction will conclude by the end of December.

The bulbout construction at Fell/Scott will occur this summer.  The extra-large bulbout at Scott and Fell will act as a traffic diverter, requiring southbound automobile traffic on Scott to turn on Fell, and preventing westbound traffic on Fell from turning left onto Scott.

Traffic signals on Divisadero were retimed in January between O’Farrell and Haight Street.  This improvement will help make Divisadero flow more smoothly so that it becomes the preferred cross-town route for drivers who use Scott Street or other parallel residential streets.

The intersection of Scott and Page will incorporate textured paving on the pavement to highlight pedestrian crossings and encourage slow traffic through the intersection.


See SFMTA’s full plan here



City work around Alamo Square

SFMTA on McAllister

Bigger Buses for 5 Fulton Local Service

SFMTA is adding more of the bigger 60-foot trolley buses to provide more room for riders on 5 Fulton local and 5-Rapid service.  https://www.sfmta.com/projects-planning/projects/5-fulton-rapid-project

SFMTA’s plans for traffic lights and roundabouts for McAllister Street are going to be implemented this year as well. Neighbors spoke out against the proposals repeatedly at hearings.

What’s included in the proposal?

Traffic circles at McAllister and Steiner
Traffic lights at McAllister and Scott, McAllister and Broderick

Read the details:  https://www.sfmta.com/about-sfmta/blog/more-muni-forward-service-improvements-roll-out-february-25

These projects were approved in September 2015.


SFDPW on Hayes

Haight & Hayes Sewer, Water, and Paving Project

Week of April 17, 2017

The SFDPW contractor is scheduled to begin sewer main replacement work on Hayes Street between Laguna and Buchanan streets.