New Fountain for Alamo Square

Late last year, SF Rec and Park alerted the Alamo Square Neighborhood Association that the old-style drinking fountain at Alamo Square near Hayes and Pierce had been removed due to damage to the concrete foundation.
This fountain had given Rec and Park years of problems partly due to its design, the amount of usage it gets daily and partly due to the substandard drainage system that was originally installed.  A replacement water fountain has now been installed at the top of Alamo Square Park.  It is an updated model of the previous water fountain, with some new features.
The button to add water to the dog bowl is not near that bowl, but instead is attached to the middle bowl.  While it may take a few minutes to locate, it requires no stooping.  In addition, the drain holes for the dog bowl are quite small, which let the basin fill up for dogs to drink, while keeping sediment from clogging the pipe.
Enjoy the new water fountain!
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Maxine Hall Health Center Relocation Project

Maxine Hall Health Center has plans to temporarily relocate to Golden Gate and Steiner Street Mini Park, which is four blocks from the current location, for a capital improvement project.

This project, which is part of the 2016 Public Health and Safety Bond, will improve the safety of Maxine Hall Health Center in case of an earthquake by strengthening the building’s infrastructure. It also will expand the clinic to allow for larger family exam rooms, add an elevator, and improve/add ADA ramps for patients with disabilities.

The clinic needs to relocate because of construction disturbances, such as noise, vibrations and space restraints. The significant construction activity will interfere with patient care and could result in disturbances for patients, which would further prevent our staff from providing the best care.

In October, the project will go out to bid for a contractor. The SF Department of Public Health will host a community meeting in October to share information about the project and answer any questions. The clinic is expected to relocate in spring 2019. The relocation/construction would be for an estimated 16 months, however all dates are subject to change.

Some neighbors have expressed concerns about the trees at the mini park that will be removed for the temporary relocation.  The Department of Public Health will organize community meetings and other community outreach efforts throughout the project to share details about construction plans and project information with neighbors.

Supervisor Vallie Brown has directed the DPH to hold a community meeting prior to any other action.

Meeting scheduled: Monday, October 22, 2018

Please subscribe to community updates about this project at: http://eepurl.com/dIpdsz. Subscribers will get emails about project updates and invites to the project’s community meetings.

Questions about the Maxine Hall Health Center capital project? Contact Maricella Miranda, Department of Public Health Communications at 415-206-7193 or maricella.miranda@sfdph.org.

Informational flyer: Maxine Hall Renovation Overview_FINAL_Sept 2018 (1)

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Park Volunteer Day – Saturday August 11, 2018

Park Volunteer Day – Saturday August 11!
Join us for our next Park Volunteer Day!  Saturday, August 11, 9AM-12PM.  Email park@alamosq.org to let us know you are coming so we can plan the activities for the day. Bring your gardening gloves, and be ready to get your hands dirty!
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Park Greening Saturday July 22, 2017

Our next Park Greening at Alamo Square will be on Saturday, July 22, between 9 AM and Noon.

As usual, we’ll meet near one of the tennis court entrances and move in small groups to designated sites in the park. Someone will be stationed near the tennis court to direct late arrivals. What we actually do will depend upon what the park gardeners require. But mulching and planting shrubs are likely to be the main activity.

The park gardeners will provide tools and guidance. But you should wear sturdy shoes and clothing that protects your arms and legs. If you have your own gardening gloves you might find them more comfortable than the ones that the gardeners have available.

Please let us know in advance (by July 20) if you can join us on the 22nd. Email <park@alamosq.org> to tell us you’re coming! That will help insure that we have sufficient tools, coffee and edibles.

RSVP on our Facebook event page!


Alamo Square Park Restoration Status

Alamo Square Park was closed for approximately one year in order for the City’s Department of Park and Recreation to undertake various underground and above ground repairs, renovations, and improvements. The Alamo Square Board of Directors saw this closure as an opportunity to plant additional trees to make the park more environmentally friendly, to improve the park’s overall topography, and to make other enhancements that will increase the enjoyment for everyone who patronizes one the most popular destinations in San Francisco for both tourists and residents alike.

Thanks to ASNA’s tremendous community support, outreach, and generous financial contributions, the fundraising for Trees for Future Generations has been a great success, and we are on our way to making the park a more aesthetically enjoyable and environmentally-friendly venue.

The ASNA Board of Directors would like to update everyone on the status of ASNA’s park-related efforts.

Alamo Square improvements planned by ASNA

    • Completed to date through Trees for Future Generations:
      • PARK TREES / DONOR PAVERS – 54 park trees and donor paver installation
    • Upcoming improvements:
      • PARK TREES – 29 New park trees funded by  Trees for Future Generations
      • SAND – Additional sand in playground funded by ASNA
      • VOLUNTEER WORK – understory planting, weeding and other activities throughout the year

Like many of you, the Board has noticed certain aspects of Alamo Square that appear to be a work in progress, and that there is more work that must be done by Park and Rec to bring Alamo Square to its full potential as an enjoyable park. To that end, the Board would like this update to serve as the beginning of an Community Wish List where the residents identify concerns and offer suggestions for improvement to Park and Rec.

Some examples that the ASNA Board would like Park and Rec to address are:

      • On/off-leash signage – painted on the walkways, similar to Duboce Park
      • Decomposed granite picnic area with new picnic tables
      • Improved grass maintenance to eliminate the various brown patches, dead grass, and the presence of weeds
      • Improved tree maintenance (and removal of tree stumps); and
      • Finishing of the planting areas

The Board would like to hear from the community regarding other issues or concerns have come to light since the park’s reopening. We see the reopening of Alamo Square as the beginning of a process for identifying projects and maintenance issues that we believe Park and Rec must undertake so that our park is restored and maintained in such a manner that affords all residents and visitors the opportunity to enjoy Alamo Square.  

If you encounter situations or see physical conditions that cause your concern, please feel free to raise your concerns with the Board or its individual members at board@alamosq.org.


Work by SF Park and Rec

This posting also summarizes what Park and Rec has informed the Board as to the work that has been completed to date, as well as what additional work remains from Park and Rec’s perspective.  

Alamo Square work completed to date by Park and Rec

  • Irrigation: Park and Rec replaced Alamo Square’s 70-year-old irrigation system.  After completing this irrigation project, Park and Rec estimates that there should be a reduction in water usage by 2.5 million gallons, leading to a 33% annual water savings.  Most of the system is now automated with updated technology that is programmed to run at prescribed intervals and can adjust irrigation run time based on moisture levels in the soil and humidity levels in the air.  (Due to the historic design, there are still sections of the park landscape which require hands-on management of manual irrigation systems.)  Park and Rec also added a new booster pump to address poor water pressure in the park.  
  • New Restroom: Park and Rec added an ADA-accessible, all-gender restroom near the playground area.  
  • New Pathways: Park and Rec repaired crumbling park pathways throughout the park
  • New Trees: In partnership with ASNA, Park and Rec planted over 100 new trees.  
  • New Landscape: Park and Rec introduced hundreds of new drought tolerant plantings, new sod, new landscape beds, and new no-mow fescue grass on the steepest portions of the hillside around the perimeter of the park.

Upcoming Work by Rec and Park

  • Additional new park benches:   Prior to construction, Alamo Square had 21 park benches.  During construction, 14 benches were removed to replace the crumbling pathways.  Unfortunately, too many of them were too poorly conditioned to be replaced.  New benches are being ordered and will be installed in the coming months.
  • Additional new picnic tables:  Prior to construction there were two picnic tables in Alamo Square.   Park and Rec added a third during the project and intends to add two new ones in the coming months.
  • New trash cans:  Prior to construction, Alamo Square had a total of fourteen trash cans.  Upon completion, Alamo Square now has nine trash cans located around the perimeter of the park at every major entrance and exit, plus three additional trash cans located inside the restrooms and playground. There are currently six temporary cans located throughout the internal landscape.  Park and Rec will replace these six cans with state of the art, two-stream trash cans in the coming months.
  • Newly resurfaced tennis court:  Alamo Square’s tennis court has been selected for resurfacing through a project unrelated to the park’s renovation.   It is scheduled for completion by September.
  • Enhanced park landscaping:  Park and Rec planted four park entrances and two signature landscape beds.  Three additional entry beds, one large planter bed and seven understory areas are still in the process of being landscaped, including new eco-trails behind the playground.  Park and Rec estimates this work should be completed by the end of July.

There are other work items that need to be identified beyond those listed by Park and Rec. We will continue to reach out to Park and Rec so that they address the concerns that our residents have raised to date about the current status of Alamo Square, and we look forward to your observations and constructive suggestions.

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Announcing the Grand Re-Opening of Alamo Square

Neighbors and friends gathered this week at the Alamo Square General Meeting on Monday to hear directly from San Francisco Rec and Park project manager Brett Desmerais about the plans for the re-opening of the park.  The date is has now been confirmed and is scheduled for May 24, 2017, at 11 a.m.  All are welcome to attend!

Take the pledge!

Pledge that you will take care of Alamo Square while visiting the park.  Please list your name, if you are a neighbor, and let us know if you would like to receive information about park greening days at Alamo Square.

Let us know you’re coming on our Facebook event page.


Park Renovation Recap

At Monday’s meeting, we learned about the re-opening plans for Alamo Square.  We also learned how the funds were put together for the renovation project.

The total cost of the project is $5,318,000.  This was put together from the following sources.

Funding Sources:

  • Public Utilities Commission / Grant: $1,618,000
  • 2012 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond: $1,300,000
  • 2008 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond: $1,029,000
  • 2006 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond: $653,000
  • 2000 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond: $265,000
  • Recreation and Parks General Fund: $400,000
  • Trees for Future Generations Grant from ASNA: $53,000* (first phase)

Project Highlights:

  1. New single user, all‐gender, ADA‐compliant restroom
  2. New “smart” controller weather‐based irrigation system that will reduce water use by over 3 million gallons per year
  3. Entirely new sod lawn areas
  4. Water‐efficient native “no mow” grasses
  5. New asphalt pathways throughout the park; a new top coat for the accessible path
  6. New catch basins in the pathways
  7. Significant drainage improvements to address long deferred maintenance problems
  8. New shrubs, groundcovers, and perennials at park entrances and in the understory
  9. New trees funded by ASNA with more to come (45 so far)
  10. Dozens of additional new trees planted by the Recreation and Park Department