Divisadero Holiday Lights 2018

Holiday lights are up on Divisadero, thanks to the efforts of the Divisadero Merchants Association!  The median between Haight and Golden Gate received a dose of holiday cheer with the festive lights now on display.

Individual merchants contributed to the funding for this year’s holiday lights, and the effort received support from local neighbors as well.  A big shout-out to Allyson Jossel, co-owner of Nopa restaurant and chair of the DMA Holiday Lights Committee.  Be sure to shop locally this holiday season to thank our neighborhood businesses for bringing some holiday cheer to Divisadero!

Questions or comments can be sent to Giselle Gyalzen, DMA president and owner of Rare Device, at divisaderomerchantsdma@gmail.com.


Planning Commission approves plans for 650 Divisadero

Before and after: 650 Divisadero initially proposed for 16 units, and the 66-unit proposal after the 2015 upzoning.

On Thursday, November 8, 2018, the Planning Commission approved plans to build a new 66-unit building on the corner of Divisadero and Grove.

The project had been delayed over three years as the developer for the project, Patrick Szeto, waited for new affordable housing/inclusionary guidelines for Divisadero.

In 2015, then-Supervisor London Breed initiated the Divisadero-Fillmore NCT affordability legislation, in response to organizing efforts. Affordable Divis formed in response, and  demanded an increase in the affordable housing requirements in exchange for the NCT upzoning legislated by the supervisor earlier that year. The upzoning allowed the developer to increase his proposal to a 66-unit building instead of a 16-unit building with no way to recapture that value.  However, the affordability legislation did not move forward until this year, when Mayor Breed appointed Vallie Brown as the new District 5 Supervisor.

The updated Divisadero-Fillmore NCT affordability legislation now contains provisions for pipeline projects, like 650 Divisadero, to include 20% on-site affordable housing.  That legislation goes to the Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, November 13.  Neighborhood activists were at the hearing on Thursday to request a continuance, to allow for the Divisadero affordability legislation to be finalized by the Board of Supervisors.

ASNA sent a letter of support for 650 Divisadero with a request to include the maximum on-site affordable BMR (below market rate) units.



CorePower Yoga gets approval on Divisadero

The Planning Commission last month had voted 4-3 with intent to disapprove CorePower Yoga on Divisadero, but the hearing had been continued, and then continued again.
The continuance hearing was held on Thursday, October 11, 2018.  Despite the organized community opposition, and letters of opposition from Divisadero Merchants Association and ASNA, Commissioner Joel Koppel flipped his vote.  CorePower Yoga was approved on Divisadero, 4-3.
Voting for CorePower Yoga:  Joel Koppel, Myrna Melgar, Rich Hillis, Rodney Fong
Voting against:  Dennis Richards, Kathrin Moore, Millicent Johnson.