Join ASNA or renew your membership for 2019

Join ASNA or Renew your Membership!

Where do your ASNA dues go?

Alamo Square Neighborhood Association is a group of volunteers who work together on park and neighborhood issues. We have accomplished a lot in the last few years!
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  • We donated $15k total to neighborhood non-profits earlier this year
  • We helped to organize movie night in the park (Sundown Cinema)
  • Our new event, Bark the Vote, is scheduled for Saturday! A free community event to encourage our neighbors to vote in November!
  • Ongoing volunteer days at the park
  • Funding for trees during the Alamo Square park renovation and landscape upgrades
  • Working with Rec and Park to secure a new vendor, Lady Falcon Coffee Club!

2019 Dues
$20 Basic (one person)
$40 General (up to two people)
$60 Contributing Member
$120 Supporting Members

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