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Accessory dwelling units approved at 1100 Fulton Street

Back in June, the San Francisco Historic Preservation Commission issued a Certificate of Appropriateness for the plans to convert garages into accessory dwelling units (ADUs) at 1100 Fulton Street.  The plans call for the installation of three ground-floor units, replacing vacant garage spaces.  The units would fall under San Francisco’s rent control laws, since the original building was built in 1924.

This proposal would add housing stock to San Francisco and will only utilize currently unused space within the building. Tenants will continue to keep their leased parking spaces.

The permit also allows for three additional ADUs, but this is contingent on parking spaces becoming available in the future.  The project sponsor has acknowledged that some parking spaces may never become available, and that some of the additional dwelling units may never be built.

Rev. Amos Brown, from Third Baptist Church across the street from the project, filed a Discretionary Review request, with historic preservation, rent control, and parking concerns.  However, at the October 25, 2018 Planning Commission hearing, the Planning Commission voted unanimously not to take discretionary review, and to approve the project as proposed.

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