Big Buses Keep Out, Alamo Square asks

We have a front-page story in the SF Chronicle today.  If you’d like to help with our campaign, please sign our petition below, and email the MTA contacts mentioned in the next post.  Thank you!–XUj5UT43LEMbzXsoFUQbDsc/viewform

Postponed: Alamo Square meeting on Monday Sept 23

Alamo Square General Meeting 

Update:  Monday Sept. 23, 2013 meeting postponed
We were notified that our regular meeting location, Oasis Cafe, was undergoing renovation and not available on Monday.  New date and location TBA.
Join us to hear the latest about the Tour Buses, pedestrian safety, and more!  Doors open at 7 p.m.; meeting starts 7:30 p.m.

-WalkSF: Pedestrian safety improvement plans in the neighborhood
-2014 ASNA Board nominees and Nomination Committee

-Tour Bus Proposal Update (Hearing Oct 4)

Email SFMTA and Say No to Tour Buses

Help us contact SFMTA Staff and Board of Directors to tell them you support restricting tour buses designed for more than 9 passengers in the Alamo Square Historic District!  We do not support tour buses on Hayes Street!

We need to send as many emails to the SFMTA as possible between now and the October 4 hearing.  If you don’t have time for a long one, just say that you support restricting tour buses designed for more than 9 passengers in the Alamo Square Historic District.

The main reasons for restrictions:

  • Safety of pedestrians, bicyclists, and other vehicles (Number One Reason)
  • Excessive numbers of tour buses
  • Tour buses making turns at intersections not large enough to accommodate them
  • Air pollution (including exhaust fumes and soot)
  • Noise (including loudspeakers and idling engines)
  • 12 other areas already have restrictions.
It would be helpful if you have a personal horror story to tell.
Update:  MTA has confirmed the hearing date and options on the table.  See the PDF announcement:   2013-Oct4-tour-bus-hearing.   Option 1 is the total restriction of all tour buses carrying more than 9 passengers in the historic district.  Option 2 is to not allow them anywhere in the historic district except for Hayes Street.
Please ask the MTA to support Option 1
Where to send:
SFMTA Board Secretary Roberta Boomer:
As a salutation, you could say:  To Chairman Nolan and Members of the MTA Board
Also send one to Jerry Robbins, the staff advisor:  Jerry.Robbins@sfmta.comAlso send one to Supervisor London Breed:
Thank you!
Save the Date!
Tour Bus Hearing
Friday, October 4, 2013, at 10:00 am
City Hall, Room 416 (Hearing Room 4)
San Francisco

Divisadero Garden competes for grant

Help grow a vision for urban agriculture, community building and resiliency.  Vote for New Lib Community Garden (Divisadero/Eddy) in the Garden for Good contest!  You can vote up to once a day during September 2013.

If they get at least 1000 online votes during September they could win a $15K grant to develop and coordinate a high production growing space in the garden that will provide organic veggies, skill-building opportunities, and small growing stipends to low-income neighbors that live in the subsidized-housing next door to the garden.

Thank you!  Follow the link to vote:

Park Volunteer Day Saturday October 5

PARKGREENING_lrg.2013.10The last Park Volunteer Day of 2013 is on Saturday, October 5.  Coffee provided.  Join us!

Let us know you’re coming so we can plan ahead for the day.  Email

Citizens Advisory Committee to review Tour Bus proposals

The Citizen’s Advisory Council (CAC) of the SFMTA has requested a presentation on the proposed Alamo Square Tour Bus restrictions at their meeting on Tuesday, September 10 at 3 p.m.  The meeting will be held at 1 South Van Ness Avenue, 6thFloor, Candlestick Conference Room.  Jerry Robbins will make a presentation at this meeting similar to the one made at the PAG meeting a few weeks.  The public is welcome to attend this meeting.  For more info on the CAC, see: