This weekend at Alamo Square

On Saturday, we are hosting our first Park Volunteer Day of the year!  Join us on Saturday, 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. to help spruce up the park.  Please email us at if you plan on joining us so we can plan the activities for the day.



Also, our monthly Alamo Square Playgroups returns on Sunday, February 3, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.  Meet other parents and their kids ages 0-3.  We hope you can join us!  Our weekly Alamo Square Playgroups meets every Tuesday, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m.


A parking spot of one’s own?


OPINION — Parking is a city-wide problem. It’s why I sold my car back in 2006 (after a few parking tickets, a fender bender and an unfair tow-away).

But when I hear people say, “I pay San Francisco rent, the least I can get is a parking spot nearby,” I cringe. We can all agree the City is expensive. Neighbors who can afford car payments, insurance and vehicle license fees may think, “$104 for a yearly parking permit, what’s the big deal?”

Yet neighbors who can barely afford these things, yet still need a car, may wonder, “Where am I going to get $104?”

Then there’s those of us without a car.  If I rent a car to run errands or to take a trip, I have to either pay a larger per-day fee for a short-term pass, or suffer the wrath of SFDPT. I’m being penalized for not having my own automobile.

Of the 22,600 households in District 5, 10,000 have no vehicles; some by choice, others by necessity. Of the residents with employment, 32% drive their car to work, and 41% take transit instead.

Parking is free in our neighborhood. It makes it possible to have long-term visitors without worrying about running over the RPP time limit. I support finding alternate solutions to our parking problem, including the addition of angled parking, and I encourage those of us who can manage without a car to consider that solution as well.

Arguments against RPP

• Increased parking enforcement in the neighborhood for those without a permit
• A revenue generator for the City and an excuse to tax residents $104 per year
• More difficult for friends to visit and stay longer than the allowed RPP time limit
• May not resolve lack of parking during the evening hours
• Parking spaces are currently available during the daytime, when RPP is enforced
• Visitors permits require a trip to the SFMTA office and cost more than the yearly fee, per day
• Employees at local businesses aren’t eligible for a permit
• Residents who choose not to pay the fee will be forced to move their cars every few hours

Arguments for RPP

• Alamo Square is surrounded by RPP zones in all directions, so residents in those zones who do not want to pay for RPP park in our neighborhood
• Others outside the neighborhood park here for free and use employee shuttle buses, Muni, etc.
• $104 yearly fee is much less than renting a garage/parking space in the neighborhood
• Only 34% of vehicles in the neighborhood are registered in 94117
• 44% of vehicles are registered outside of SF or have no registration record

*P.S.  $104 is the maximum fee allowed by the state; Also contrary to the North Panhandle Newsletter, ASNA has not taken a position for or against RPP.

January 2013 Potluck and General Meeting

You’re invited!  Hope to see you at our Alamo Square Potluck and General Meeting.  Vote for the 2013 ASNA Board of Directors, enjoy some delicious food with neighbors, and learn about what’s in store in 2013 for Alamo Square!

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